The shortlist from a short list.

The truth is, we haven’t worked with all that many clients over the years. Which is fine by us. Instead, we’ve worked tirelessly at strengthening the relationships that we’ve built. And while we’re not perfect, we’ve been pretty successful at establishing mutually beneficial partnerships—some lasting nearly as long as we’ve been around. But don’t get us wrong, we’d love more.


If you have poked around the rest of the site, you know we’re proud of our ongoing relationship with Amway. In addition to branding their Founders Council event for going on seven years, we work with a variety of other Amway teams and brands.


If you don’t know Baudville, you should—at least your HR team should. A thriving West Michigan employee engagement organization that’s grown to become a family of brands, it has also become a great friend of AUX. We’ve worked shoulder-to-shoulder on tons of initiatives, both on-site and in the community.


You don’t have to be a small agency to work with a small boutique. Our long-standing relationship with Blacklamb is a perfect example. While they’re not our biggest client, they’ve been one of our biggest fans. And vice versa. We owe a lot to Ryann and Marissa. They have been there from the beginning and have provided us with some great opportunities and exposure.

Boxed Water

Boxed Water disrupted a well-established industry with a mission and look that make them stand tall among the rest. From the smallest packaging details to sustainable multipack corrugated solutions to national brand campaigns—it’s been a treat to work with a company that’s rethinking packaged water, helping them continue to refine and improve their noteworthy brand.


From a rebranding back in 2010 to a steady stream of advertising today, we’ve supported a small but highly talented internal team. Ever want to know about the inner workings of bowling balls? We can tell you all about them.


Four years and running, we are the closest thing to an AOR that they have, and are involved in all aspects of the world’s most popular sandal brand’s marketing communications. Like their vast social community, we are also loyal fans and consider ourselves part of the #chaconation.


Merrell gets outside, with products ranging from performance footwear to coats and base layers to the most comfortable after-sport shoes in the market. Simply put, they make great products to help you enjoy the great outdoors. And for the past five years, we’ve helped them with everything from product naming, retail display, videos, and ad campaigns to digital assets, tradeshow booths, and more.


Neurocore’s Brain Performance Centers provide what many consider to be life-changing results. While we don’t expect our marketing to have the same results, we are excited to help them as they continue to expand their locations and services.

Start Garden

When a venture capital group connects so well with rowdy ad folks, it says a lot about the kind of people they are—smart, creative, good-hearted, and the list goes on. They put a ton of value and energy into their relationships, and we’re happy to have been with them from the start. We’ve partnered with them in the ecosystem they’ve created, providing branding counsel and expertise along the way.


What started as a project six years ago with the innovative contract furniture company has turned into a deeply integrated working relationship that spans 15 different business units, departments, and brands.

Uncle John's

It’s safe to say the AUX team loves the perks of working with Uncle John’s. But we don’t just enjoy their product—we enjoy them too. They are fun as all get-out. So any time they come to us with a special project, we jump at the chance to be involved.